Spine Hospital Ahmedabad Gujarat – 7874891855 –

Spine Hospital Ahmedabad Gujarat.

Healer Nisha Pain Management Hospital in Ahmedabad deals in alternative medicine  therapies called as acupressure points treatment and sujok therapy.

This therapy is done on Hand and Leg with help of colour, magnet, seeds etc. Healer Nisha is an No#.1 Sujok Therapist and Acupressure Specialist Doctor in Ahmedabad.

Spine and Pain Specialist in Ahmedabad – 7874891855 –

Spine and Pain Specialist in Ahmedabad.

Healer Nisha Pain Care Clinic in Ahmedabad deals in alternative medicine therapies know as sujok therapy and acupressure treatment points.

This therapy is done with magnet, seeds, colour, etc.


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