M.Pharm Courses

M.Pharm Program:
M.Pharm course lets you to get a master’s degree in the pharmacy study program. This is a credit system to the bachelor of Pharmacy study program.

Enhancing knowledge
The first 2 years students are required to revise and enhance their knowledge on the medical and the elementary natural subjects. They involve in learning about the specific subjects of pharmacy. Seminars, lectures, projects, and presentations are attended by the students during full course of the program. To conclude the program, an examination and a defending thesis are to be completed by the students. M.Pharm programs.

Advantage for overseas students
The course also contains a 1 year research fellowship with the pharmacy companies or the institution. Medical chemistry, pharma chemistry, pharma analysis, industrial pharmacy, and pharmacology, which are the common subjects are concentrated during the initial years. Many reputed institutions across the world offers M.Pharm program, and students can prefer to study even overseas. A specialized subject too can be chosen. For instance, M.Pharm in pharma chemistry, pharma analysis or pharmacology can be chosen by the students. On completion of the M.pharm program, the students can go for a PhD or can apply for jobs in prestigious pharma companies. Research laboratories too look for quality analysts who have completed M.Pharm.